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Billing Rate

Our billing rate to provide security is $50.00 to $150.00 per hour and from $500.00 to $1500.00 per hour. These rates cover all cost of service to including bond, insurance, fringe benefits, uniforms, wages and all payroll taxes and insurance.


Quality control is an ongoing concern in a service industry, all the more so when it pertains to security, safety and liability control.  In order to meaningfully measure the quality of our service, Don Levy Inc conducts bi-annual Quality Assurance Audits of our operation at each site from our corporate offices.

Don Levy’s Quality Assurance Program comprises the following:

Verification of written background checks, client required documentation and clearances, as well as compliance's with state licensing procedures of all security officers assigned.

Verification that each security officer has completed classroom and site specific training. Inspection of the Post Instruction to ensure that they are accurate and up to date.
Client location inspection on all shifts within a 24-hour period to review the appearance, demeanor, and job performance of each officer.

Review of all documentation to ensure consistency.

Verification that the security service provided is in full compliance with client specifications.

The final step in the audit process is a review of service with each client representative.



In order to ensure effective service, Don Levy Inc will guarantee that all personnel assigned to your location or locations will participate in the training outlined as follows:

Basic Pre-Assignment Training

This consists of video presentation and instruction presented by one of our company training specialists.  The subjects covered in the training sessions include:

Basic Orientation

Authority of a Security Officer Patrol Techniques
Human Relations
Report Writing
Bomb Threats
Fire & Safety
Substance Abuse Awareness
Violent Behavior Awareness
Human Behavior Awareness
Hand to Hand Combat


Uniforms and Appearance

Security personnel are utilized for a variety of purposes.  Apart from obvious loss prevention and liability control functions.  Don Levy’s personnel also serve as a visible deterrent against theft and vandalism.  In many respects too, they act as public relations personnel in corporate and property management settings.  As such, they often create the first impression our clients and their customers receive of the client organization.

A security officer who is well groomed and neatly uniformed is an asset to both Don Levy Inc and to our clients.  A person who takes pride in his or her appearance will also take pride in his or her work.

In training, appearance is emphasized and new uniforms are issued to all newly assigned personnel.  Uniforms are also replaced as necessary to ensure a continued professional appearance.


Post Instructions

Each client's protection requirements are unique and require a tailored approach, both operationally and as regards to training.  To ensure full compliance with job specifications, Don Levy Inc will create a fully comprehensive set of post instructions for each duty assignment.  The creation of post orders is a cooperative effort.  Prior to being put into effect, they are presented to the client for approval.

People get sick, take vacations and occasionally need time off, etc. Our clients often require last minute coverage for emergencies, special events, etc.

Don Levy, Inc is prepared for both. We maintain a well-trained replacement staff in our operation center at all times. These personnel are available for dispatch in a rapid manner, and will he accompanied by a supervisor if additional training at the site is required.

Replacement Pool

Don Levy, Inc approach to providing security officer personnel is to take a pro-active stance.  This is particularly relevant for personal contingencies; we are a labor-intensive industry. Our Protection Agents are our chief assets.

Our industry faces two realities:

In performance of their day to day supervisory functions, district managers serve as valuable team members.  They keep Don Levy, Inc senior management abreast of minute to minute occurrences in the field. They are also a resource to the client for advice, suggestions, as a means of addressing issues that impact upon their facilities security and safety programs. During site inspections, it is a goal of the district managers to meet with the client representative and to serve as a live conduit for the receipt of information that directly affects service delivery.