People get sick, take vacations and occasionally need time off, etc. Our clients often require last minute coverage for emergencies, special events, etc.

Don Levy, Inc is prepared for both. We maintain a well-trained replacement staff in our operation center at all times. These personnel are available for dispatch in a rapid manner, and will he accompanied by a supervisor if additional training at the site is required.

Our industry faces two realities:


Quality Control

Training and Diagnosis

Along with our Protection Agents, our district managers are the eyes and ears of our clients. In situations where a client facility has a no in house director, Don Levy, Inc is called upon to act in that capacity.  This is part and parcel of providing guard services. As such, during the normal course of our supervision, we frequently  provide information and suggestions as regards  to ways to maximize each clients' security and safe posture, and consequently, to reduce their liability and loss exposure.

Training does not stop after the initial classroom and on the job sessions. It is on-going. Frequently Protection Agents are required to maintain familiarity with a variety of facility emergency procedures. Also, as time goes by, the nature of the job may change. Consequently, it is a function of supervision to assess each Agent's job knowledge, determine areas where supplementary training may be required and ensure that new procedures and policies are properly taught and explained to each Agent.

In our business, where Don Levy Inc Agents are charged with the responsibility of protecting both lives and multi-million dollar facilities. Supervision must take on many dimensions.  

​Among them: Don Levy Inc. protection services, labors and custodial services, performs routine inspections using its district managers.  District Managers are first level management personnel with authority to make on the spot corrections, perform client liaisons and ensure that client specifications are met. Our district managers perform inspections on a frequent, unannounced basis, and provide reports detailing results to both Don Levy, Inc management as well as to the client.

Our Mission

Your Total PROTECTION SolutionS

  • Networking With Gorvernment Agencies
  • Tailored solutions
  • Anticipate, respond and adopt
  • Protection of Diplomates
  • International Protection Agents 
  • War Zones Protections


Cyber Intelligence & Security

Government Agencies and Institutions

Custodial Management
Commercial Buildings
Apartment complexes
Construction Labor
Diplomat & Celebrity Programs
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